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About Us

SIMCharacters is High Emotion Simulation

The SIMCharacters mission is to provide healthcare professionals around the world with the most realistic preterm simulators.

Every year over 15 million children are born preterm. Sadly, many do not survive and preterm birth remains the most common cause of death among infants. With such unprecedented statistics, the need to continue improvements in medical technique and innovations in healthcare simulation training is clear.

Born 15 weeks too early, Juli weighed just 600 grams. Her parents, a flight attendant and an airline pilot, overwhelmed by the premature birth of their first child, put all their hope –and trust– into the team of healthcare professionals taking care of their newborn. Maintaining airway, ensuring steady pulse, and carefully transporting their delicate daughter between departments was a high-stakes, time-critical, delicate process that every maternity ward must train extensively for.

Now, imagine if those caretakers had recently rehearsed this exact emergency case the week before with the Paul High Emotion Simulator from SIMCharacters. Such teams will better know exactly what to do having just practiced a highly realistic simulation with Paul.

Such challenging cases not only require excellence in the performance of technical skills like intubation, but also in non-technical skills like effective communication, leadership, and teamwork – all while processing through the emotional stress of caring for premature baby during those few critical moments which will have a significant impact on the quality of their entire life.

The SIMCharacters team is comprised of leading experts from a multitude of industries, who all share a passion for creating High Emotion Simulation to better train the world’s population of healthcare professionals.

SIMCharacters and Paul are here to help train those who care for the millions of babies born prematurely every year.

Meet Our Team

Jens Schwindt MD
Founder & CEO

Axana Hellmann
Research Assistant & Back Office

Ing. Ewald Unger
Research & Development Consultant

Andreas Sturl
Software Engineer

Bernhard Ehn
Embedded Systems Engineer

Mario Trimmel
Data Scientist

Michael Hoffmann
Head of Finance & Business Development

Elentári Tanja Nepomucky
Head of Product Design

Martin Schmoll
Software Engineer, Physiologic Models

Arno Dreschnig
Software Engineer

Thomas Schneider
Quality Control

Lance Baily
Marketing & Strategy Consultant

Michael Haller, MSc
Head of Research & Development

Christoph Kunzmann
Special Effects Consultant

Andreas Kaya-Fill
GUI Development & Design

Ines Obwegeser
Office Management

Harald Jagos
Project Management

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Corporate Info

VAT: ATU 67351778
Company Registration Number: FN 383366 z, Commercial Court of Vienna
Bank: Bankaustria
IBAN: AT05 12000 51607606931